Blue Bell Group LLC

Quality Service At Affordable Pricing

Blue Bell Group LLC offers signs, lighting, and maintenance services. Get the best service at an affordable price. We began by designing and developing lighting products.


Product Servicing

We quickly moved into servicing our products from designing them. We have worked with several clients, who would also ask if we could service their other maintenance needs, and this has given us the ability to serve our clients holistically. Our reputation in the Midwest is unmatched and has kept previous clients coming back to us with numerous referrals allowing us to grow over the years.

Our Core Business Values

We commit to providing you first rate, quality services. We are dedicated to, and live by, our values. We take pride in the details of your job while providing cost effective results.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Committed to excellence

  • Flexible to perform any service

  • Respect for clients